Winter Blues

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When March rolls around I always think of:

Lads & Lassie's celebrating St. Patrick's Day- don't start without me!
The Academy Awards- One of my favorite Sunday nights of the year
Anything green! Decorating with the color GREEN...

If you live in a beige or cream world, it doesn't hurt to add a little fresh color in your home. Green can be the answer to your prayers.

Going Green never looked so pretty!
Brunswig & Fils Fabric: Corals & Greens collection

Did you know:
Green is the color of nature, fertility, life...Grass green is the most restful color...Green symbolizes self-respect and well being...Green is the color of balance...It also means learning, growth and harmony.

Currey & Company lamp- simply lovely

Adding a piece or two of green tones to one main room can make your space feel updated, fresh and give a sense of peace and harmony. I love green accessories. A little goes a long way. Three times a charm in my book, tells the story without going overboard.


Egyptians wore green eyeliner because they felt it to be a strong healing color. I would wear green eyeliner everyday if I thought I looked like cleopatra...

sorta says, "Don't mess with me...I'm not afraid to use green eyeliner!"

It's Oscar month and another favorite GreenRoom is always at the Academy Awards. This room designed by Carleton Varney brings back old Hollywood Glamour in Interior Design.

Black, white and green add drama right where it needs to be.
"Oh George Clooney, that's my drink over there...would you mind passing it this way handsome."

Put some green in your life when you want:
  • a new state of balance
  • feel a need for change or growth
  • freedom to pursue new ideas
Do you have something green already that you just love or are you looking for a particular green accessory that will help complete your look? Try a little GREEN...I think you'll find loads of luck with it!


  1. Go Green! And a great color for us Duck Fans- great job Whitney and sisters.

  2. It's interesting because I've always loved the color green and now I know why, it's nature/restful/well-being. All good reasons to love green! Now if only I can figure out which green to paint my living room! Cheers

  3. you know how I love my fresh greens! I love green, dark emerald, to pale pistachio to that vibrant chartreuse green.