Winter Blues

Monday, September 12, 2011


I got a call this morning from a favorite customer asking me to come over and help arrange her office. When I got there, who greeted me but this daaaling little puppy-- the newest addition to their family.  

Meet our inspiration...Louis

I asked what his name is and she said, "Louis!  You know, like Louis Vuitton."  What a perfect name for a purse puppy!

We look at the space and can't help but think about Louis.  I never know where some inspiration comes from and who knew today it would be from a three pound Chiuaua!

My client loves fashion, has a fashion-styled business, and isn't afraid of mixing and matching great pieces to create a fun look.  This helps get the ideas rolling...

Look familiar?  She didn't want this exactly but
this is how I do my research.  I SHOP!

Found this new fall line of office furniture.
Leather & nail trim luggage file
cabinet makes it fun to go to work!

A pair of these guest chairs will add to the sleek
style of the room and size is to scale for the space.

Louis inspired this fabric.  A classic pattern;
colors work beautifully with the
carpet & wall color. 

We loved this fish-scaled shell pattern
for the desk lamp.  Like jewelry for the room!

Two bookcases flanking the desk will
give some nice curve appeal to an
otherwise square/straight-lined room.

Finally a little fun art collection
of silhouettes.  A set of 3 will
set off the walls in between
the bookcases.  

It's a lot of fun to jump into the lives of my clients-- or into their beloved dogs life!