Winter Blues

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Day Makeover with Wallpaper!

In my mind, wallpaper is one of the most wonderful tools a girl can use to make any room shine.  Certain design ideas come and go- who the heck came up with cutting a sponge and soaking it in paint and directly applying to walls?  Wallpaper is always in style.  It's all in the color, pattern, and scale for your room.  We had a great time updating the kitchen with one simple change.  Wallpaper!

Like pealing the layers of an onion- you have to really strip things down to see what you've got to work with.  In this case, it was pealing away several layers of...WALLPAPER!  Many layers.  Like reading a storybook into one families history in that kitchen.  So much fun!

Long story short...

The busy pattern on the walls were needing a change.
A quieter look was what was needed.  

First the fun part- peal the papers back and take a trip down memory lane.
This home built in the 1970's and has always had wallpaper in the kitchen.
The walls are smooth so we felt papering again was the answer.
But softer, warm tones was what our client wanted.

A lot of White with brass drawer pulls and knobs.
We gathered some ideas for what the new paper could be
and came up with a few fun ones...

She loved this but decided it would
look too busy.  Napkins, however, a must!

Pretty but not calming- we decided too busy.

Background is too cream but the
subject is simply delightful.

In the amount of time it takes to make a double chocolate layered cake and let it cool...
we managed to redo the kitchen to this:

One Day to Beautiful!

We decided to have longer drapes to the floor
rather than the top valance on the window-
softer look & classic with a linen fern pattern.

What a difference a day makes!

If you are in need of great Wallpaper Hangers in the Oregon area, I know two fellows who do the best job and fabulous people to boot!  Mike & Lee- years of experience and perfect every time.

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