Winter Blues

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Trends

Springtime is a favorite season of mine because of it's major shift from the cold, grey days of winter; wearing fluffy sweaters and ten extra pounds of marshmellow coat to the welcoming addition of flowers blooming and Cherry blossom trees full of pink-popping color!  Adios cold...I'm ready for the flirty fashions & freshness this new season has to offer!   

Spring Trends 2012 call for bright colors, shiny finishes, and bold patterns to wake us up from our winter hibernation.  Here's how it starts...we SHOP!

Classic patent-leather looks edgier with this 
quilted diamond pattern...
Audrey Hepburn meets Pat Benatar.
Furniture designers get inspired the same way fashion
designers do...they just have to make sure
it lasts a lot longer than just one season!

The bold colors that jump out this Spring are the brights.
Oranges, corals, & pinks give us the okay to
say goodbye to winter and hello to a fresh new start!

Happy colors make you--and your room--feel good!
This room wears it well, don't you think?

Shoes can spark interest for an entirely new outfit...
Working your way from your toes to your nose
is one way to get that fabulous, spring look you want!

This gorgeous entry piece with light and dark
wood tones is both dramatic and exotic, yet
neutral enough to go with lots of different
styles (just like those shoes)!

If bright & bold isn't your thing-- don't want that look-at-me
strut-my-stuff look, then you'll love the soft sorbet shades of pastels
that offer a low-key, ladylike vibe. 

Soft shades of blues, creams, & rose tones
make for a soothing, love-to-live-here look!
  A nice place to call home.

As & white fashions defy time.
Big for this spring &  big in decorating!

Designers know you can't go wrong with
a bold black & white piece.  Goes with everything
and is hip & fabulous...always.

What's that you say?
Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Nature always inspires...
Like this!

Your home should be filled with things
that inspire, that comfort, and that make
you enjoy being there.

Fill your life with the things you love!