Winter Blues

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Open Shelving Decor

Now that the holiday decorations are all packed away, it's time to bring out your collectibles, bowls, baskets, Grandma's candlestick holders and enjoy them while doing the dishes!  Finally, you can see what you have-- you may even use it more than if it was packed up in a cupboard or closet.   Every morning when I shuffle to my coffee pot, I grab my favorite mug off the open shelves in the kitchen...and smile.  

            Open Shelf Tip #1:
           Surround yourself with the things you love!

Tip #2:
Group your pretty things by color.

This Malibu cottage kitchen belongs to my old bosses, 
actor Ricky Schroder & his wife Andrea, an interior 
designer in LA.  I love her mix of creams, whites, 
and soft yellows.  Super sweet, isn't it?

I have lived with three men in my life;  My Dad, this guy, 
and my Hubby John!

Tip #3:
Don't make it look like you are staging!

This is a little group of shelves in my kitchen and we use the 
coffee cups, popcorn, cookbooks, pitchers, and pasta all the time!  
Nice to be able to see what you have on hand and makes an 
awkward corner actually functional. 

When helping clients with their homes, I have a ball seeing their pieces and special treasures that are unique to them. We can pull out things they haven't used in years and place it on a shelf for all to see, it makes you feel good keeping what you have and truly enjoying it.  If you group like things together, coordinate with colors that compliment, and make it look'll love the end result with open shelf decor!