Winter Blues

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sassy Slipcovers

Slip your furniture into something different! 

When we hear the word 'Slipcover,' many of us think Shabby Chic.  You know...the messy, floppy, sheet-over-the-sofa kind of look.  There is a time and place for Shabby Chic, but for those of us who want a more tailored, classic and form-fitting look, there is an updated solution.  

Introducing Slipcover 2.0
-custom slipcovers by Annette Shank- 

Meet my 'brown-blah' cube ottoman.  I know you have seen his kind before.

This ottoman is a popular item that works double-duty as a footstool as well as providing an added seat at gatherings.  The problem with this little guy is, well, he's just plain dull and boring! 

Goal: let's make this cube a pretty little piece of eye candy!

Nice chair style, but the fabric must go!

Problem: I'm sure everyone has a plaid chair in the family that seems to make the rounds.  This chair was in my parents den and now they've passed it along to me!  Although the fabric is in good shape, it doesn't work anywhere in my house. 

Goal: add a feminine touch to make it a pretty guest room chair.

This is where the magic happens!

To help carry out my wishes, I enlisted the help of slipcover guru, Annette Shank.  Seeing her work with fabric is like watching a sculptor mold their clay...but with the eye of an engineer and the skill of a fine craftsman! 

New fabric--new look.

Annette began by draping my fabric over the ottoman and pin-fitting some options for me to consider.  We didn't want it to look reupholstered, so we tried to add some interest to an otherwise square box.

Shall we pleat here or there?  Add buttons?
Maybe ties...what to do, what to do?

Annette transformed it before my very eyes.

Drum roll...


Snug as a bug in a rug!  
This tab helps keep it on and is a sweet detail.
Love the addition of some buttons too!

Goodbye plaid...hello pleated perfection!

Show off that new skirt!

Annette is so darn creative and fun!  Her customers love how detailed she is and that she offers up ideas even the best designers couldn't dream up--all because she has years of experience making slipcovers and working with fabrics to know the best solution.



Doggie chewed the fabric off of your wing chair?

Don't panic...slipcover it!

Dated jewel tones?  Rejuvenate it!
I love how she fit the cover over the exposed carved arm.  

Contact Annette at: 541-345-5545
This lady knows her stuff!