Winter Blues

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun being 4!

Charlie's 4th birthday party.  He wanted Pirates...all because of this book...

This fabulous book from our dear friend Sabrina.
Charlie wants this story read to him every night.
So this was the year for a Pirate Party!  Ahoy!

It's fun to be a Pirate!

Printed a few signs-- this one to welcome the
kids to the house.  Black & white is cheap
and free clipart online helps give
it a festive look.

Name tags.  Makes life easier with the mix of
 neighbors, friends, & family.

Hot weather?  Just add water!

Bounce house kept the giggles going...for us all!

Keep the party jumping!
Go Fish for Treasure is always a favorite.
We used a big box from our store & cut an opening
for the kids to stick their fishing poles in.

My 10 year old niece in the box clipping the goodies
on a clothespin.  The kids ended up playing this
game over and over again!  

Bean bag toss-- too cute!  

The pirates found lots of loot!

Pin the Patch on the Pirate!  Arrrrr!

Little girls make cute Pirates too!

Walking the plank...oh no!

The treasure buckets made it fun.

Polka dot straws & cups from Christmas...
works for Pirate Parties too!  

Superman enjoying his cupcake.

Do you think Charlie
had a good time? He did!
He's a lot like his mother...
only I use a lampshade! 

I made this sign using extra paper plates, a printable bubble letter coloring
page, a red crayon to fill in the bubbles, twine, and close pins.
Charlie loved to see his name in lights...well, in paper plates!

Watching your children enjoying their special day is so much fun!  To see Charlie play with his friends and have a great time on a warm sunny day makes my heart sing.  Before Martha Stewart, before Pinterest, before any of those clever decorating things...there was my Aunt Beth.  She decorated, cooked, and hosted the best parties ever!  My Aunt Beth passed away in June and life for us will never be the same-- we miss her terribly.  She loved throwing her two children's birthday parties and when I was growing up, I always wanted to be there!  Heck, no one wanted to miss a party Auntie Beth threw.  Whatever the celebration, she made it fun for all ages and made everyone smile!

My Cousin Courtney & My Aunt Beth
at Charlie's birthday party last year.