Winter Blues

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confessions of a Shopkeeper

I confess. I love being a designer...but it's not all that glamorous.

Doesn't she look so classic, so stylish, so caught up on her sleep?

I confess. I am an adrenalin junkie, a thrill-seeker, a risk-taker, a wild woman! Why??? Because I'm in RETAIL in the year 2010! Many of our days (and nights) are spent researching, planning, and dreaming about decorating homes...tirelessly being fueled by coffee & taco bell. Oh dear.

maybe on this day, you don't eat or drink ANYTHING...

I confess. I do love to shop. Finding that right piece for others is a real fun and exciting job. Actually gives me a boost. A jolt. A heart-pounding good time when that special piece for a customer is found! And they love it as much as we had hoped. That's what we do for a living. We listen to you, buy for you, and decorate for you. Along with making fun memories along the way.

Found this Chandelier for a farmhouse-
My mom calls this, "...icing on the cake."

Here sits a perfect dining chair-
changing the fabric to something more practical
and colorful would make it last longer than two days in an active home!

We just got two of these little darlings in!
They come with two sets of shades, linen & chocolate.
Perfect for a seasonal boost.

I confess. I am not good sitting at a desk and doing paperwork. Fortunately, that's not what my job requires all the time. I am out on the field hunting for new things for our stores or pounding the pavement pulling paint colors, carpet samples, and lighting to help the client see the entire look together! Those of you who know my sisters Ann and Beth know that they are the most organized women in the world! Thank goodness!

"Has anyone seen my grocery list? I just had it here a second ago?"

I confess. I can't take a picture if my life depended on it. We got a call from a wonderful magazine to have our work featured in a summer issue. They asked me to send in some pictures and none of them turned out. All Fuzzy! Oh dear...

fuzzy but sweet...this was suppose to show how birds are still big now.

My attempt at a closeup shot.
Showing how old & new can mix well together.

Kitchen nook...this one wasn't quite right either.

I confess. I love parties. I can't cook but I love gathering with family and friends. We had a bridal shower for our lovely cousin, Molly. She is so special to us and it was fun to have everyone come celebrate this blessed time in her life!

Molly's signature drink was like a party in your mouth!

Every bride-to-be should have a fancy feather duster...
and cute jammies too! We love you Molly!

I confess. Sometimes I can't decide. Found this picture of super dark floors and love them. But with most of my other pieces not being that dark, now I'll have to sleep on it for a few days and picture living with it. What do you think?

Love these floors but are they too dark?
Cute dog. He looks good with the floors.

Don't's just wood floors for goodness sakes!

I have to confess. My hubby John brought these eggs home the other day and I loved them so much, I took the middle blue-green one into the paint store to see if there was a match for a kitchen wall color. Who says my job isn't dangerous? If that egg had cracked in my pocket, what a mess! Luckily, everything worked out and I'll snap some fuzzy pics of how it looks!

nature never know when you'll find it!

this inspires me!

oh dear...why did I eat that dessert!