Winter Blues

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of an Era

In 1955, two new businesses opened-- Disneyland and Edman Fine Furniture.  They have a lot in common...just depends on how you look at it.

My Grandparents started Edman Fine Furniture almost sixty years ago and it has been our 'amusement park' for decorating, design, furniture, and more.  What a ride it has been!

My Dad was twelve years old when his father opened the store.  As a child, I would visit my Dad at work and run around the different room settings (it's over 15,000 sq ft of fun!).  Denver, back then our warehouse manager, gave us kids rides on the hand truck in the warehouse!  My gosh...growing up we thought our store WAS Disneyland!

The storefront back then.  Where this picture
was taken is now a PF Changs!
Times have changed...

My Dad (middle), his brother Steve (left), and sister Mary
(right).  This photo was taken the year the store opened.
Good thing I wasn't around then...I'd be hanging a picture
on that bare wall and adding a throw pillow for color!

My Grandparents (left) with my Dad (right).
We still have the 'Edman' sign but the storefront
has changed several times over the years.

Hello sister Beth...gotta love the 80's!
Store truck in back and our Dad's big boat of a car.
Both could deliver a sofa...that trunk was huge!

Four Generations.  My Grandpa (left), me, my sweet niece Grace,
and my Dad (right).  Grandpa was 90 years old in this photo.

The storefront painted by the wonderful PVE Design.
The building still with all the brick, but wanted to
freshen up the signage and change the colors.

Inside our store recently.  Lighting, artwork, pillows, and furniture
have been our focus along with in house design  to 

help clients make their homes beautiful!

Three years ago, we started our own brand of furniture
called edman&co.  A line of fabulous upholstery.

My wonderful Dad.  Lloyd "Babe" Edman

My Dad, Babe Edman,  is the reason I entered the furniture business eighteen years ago.  My sisters soon after.  We all feel so blessed to have learned from the best.  His experience, knowledge, sense of humor, and devotion for the furniture store (and his family) has been a great gift for us all.

My Dad is ready to retire.  His sole career has been working at Edman Fine Furniture.  Well's time for he and my Mom to travel, enjoy their five grandchildren, and to cut the apron strings off for us!  Time for we daughters to branch out and head in the direction we've been dreaming about.  We are so excited!

Edman Fine Furniture has been a place for many of us to call home.  Our Sales Manager, Denver Harris, has been working for the store for over 33 years and we love him dearly.  We often say, "Thank God for Denver!"  He has been like a brother to us and fit in to our family perfectly.  Denver is a jewel who has been devoted to serving our customers and meeting the needs of whatever has to be done when working retail.  And he gives great hugs too!

Our customers are the absolute best people you will ever meet! We appreciate the relationship and consider many our dear friends. With my Dad retiring it was a hard decision to close the store.  We couldn't imagine having Edman Fine Furniture without my Dad there everyday.  So, it's time to close Edman Furniture and look to a new beginning.  We hope to see you during the sale and we will keep you posted on what's to come!

Thank You Dad.  We love you always and forever.