Winter Blues

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I played this game when I was a kid. Mostly, he loved me not.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. I've fallen in love with puppies and kittens without even blinking an eye. When it comes to non-living pretty things that can fit in my handbag, around my neck, or in my house...I have fallen head over heals in no time. One rule of thumb, if you aren't madly in love with it, don't even let it through your front door.

Here are a few of my LOVES in life:

I have the best little faucet in my bathroom. It's not fancy, but I love turning it on when I go to brush my teeth or wash my hands. Call me crazy, I love to turn that faucet. Makes me happy. Sue me.

I adore my area rug downstairs. It has every color in the rainbow and makes me giggle when I walk on it-- which some days, can be over 100 times. Makes going to the laundry room more exciting. I love that rug! Makes me happy.

I can't live without my coffee cup. It's big and reminds me of my old dog Miles. Playing outside in the wintertime all bundled up ice-skating...too cute! This mug makes me happy.

I'm in love with this old pocket watch. I have it with a few of my necklaces in my bathroom and see it every morning before I get ready for the day. I wondered who had this treasured keepsake for years and where it has traveled before winding up in my house. I especially love it because it doesn't have I never feel like I'm running late!

Do you have a favorite thing or two in your house right now that you love? Of course your family & friends are keepers for sure, but I wanna know what special things you have and where they are at home? Happy Valentine's Day! Cheers to Love.


  1. Love that pillow! I have an old chair that dates back to the 1800's and it sits in my entry for hats, keys, and coats to rest on. It is one of my most favorite things and gives my house some soul. Happy heart day!

  2. We just remodeled our kitchen and now that's my favorite room in the house. I know what you mean when you say how fun it is to turn on your faucet, doing the dishes after meals has never been so enjoyable! It's funny to think little things like a kitchen faucet can make you feel good, but pretty things can make your life feel grand.