Winter Blues

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Curious About Color?

As a shopkeeper, I dream of the day when I can travel the globe to shop the world's finest markets in search of beautiful, unique products for my store. We've been going to markets and shows throughout the country for years now, but recently I've been fascinated by how other shops fill their aisles.

I have been following two wonderful stores in Kansas City, MO for some time now - Curious Sofa & Nell Hill. I got a wild hair to hop on a plane and shop the two stores in two days! It was a great trip...absolutely delightful, inspiring, and a fun fellowship between shopkeepers.

Debbie with Curious Sofa is fabulous! Her store is filled with show stopping furniture & accessories with a vintage twist that all look one-of-a-kind. Her displays are amazing! She truly is an artist when it comes to visual merchandising. Scroll down for my idea of a big girls toy store!

Curious Sofa: use of texture, in lieu of color, is their trademark!

Debbie does decorating!

Thanks to GPS and a drive-thru coffee shop, I was ready to hit the highway in search of Nell Hill's. The original store is in a town of 800 people about an hour away from Kansas City, but folks flock from near and far to see its classic style packed with loads of accessories. I loved the look of traditional fabric motifs like houndstooth, toiles, paisleys, and plaids - all layered together making for comfortable, stylish settings. Their signature pieces included: English dishware, framed sketches, lanterns, trays, and trinkets that would make your home sing!

Color, pattern & comfort are what you find at Nell Hill's.

Classic paisley, but with an updated twist. Love it!

Mary Carol Garrity, who owns the Nell Hill's stores, has written several books on decorating and I must say that her store reflected a charming, gracious feel. And the girl ain't afraid of color either!

What's your favorite design palette, with or without color, muted or bright? What room do you enjoy being in most and what colors surround you? I want to hear from you!


  1. I'm a little bit country...and a little bit rock-n-roll! Oh, I'm torn! I love linen in all its drab glory!! But my favorite room is my living room with its green walls and mix of browns, reds, and golds. I just added some pewter accessories...a little sparkle is good for my soul.

  2. Color is my friend! Although I love the light and airy look, my family would not be able to keep a white sofa clean for one day! I add color in my pillows and accessories, but my main color in my room is beige. It seems to work nicely in my rooms- so browns it is for me! Colors are fun to add to brown tones. May not be trendy, but it's classic for my household.

  3. sounds like I could move right into to both of your homes! I'm with you two...color is fun to surround yourself in. I've noticed that my living space is full of color and then my bedroom feels a little softer, prettier, and quiet tones to relax me. Thanks for the messages- I'm all ears!

  4. I see why you and Beth love this store!! Super cute. Although I'll say it again and again....what you have done in Eugene and Bend, in those special corners and windows, rivals it. It's harder to do in a traditional furniture environment, so that says all the more. I think all of us crave a soulful quality to our homes, and stores like this (and yours) help make it possible.

  5. I love color, but as an artist, I love walking into a space that has been created of natural materials- textures, and is full of light. My Grandma Elsie loved aqua blue and my Grandma Lizzie loved green. I think it must be in the my blood, I love aqua, blue and green - there is something that makes me think of spring and tiffany's.

  6. I live in the Kansas City area, and have always loved excursions to Nell Hill's, Mary Garrity is so talented and creative!