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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Master Your Bedroom

It feels like Bedroom season, wouldn't you say?  Right now we are redoing several master bedrooms and it's been a cozy mission to find out what works for total comfort and relaxation.  It's how a bedroom should be!

Soft hues of blue gives a refreshing look and oh so relaxing...
this bedroom is easy on the eyes.

A cottage look with layering shades of white gives you options to
add splashes of color throughout the seasons-- makes for
a mix and match look where everything works well together.

Green is an unexpected pleasure of calming tones
with a sophisticated flair!  Even black and pink work well
in this space.  Silk drapes add to the classic,
heavily carved poster bed. 

Your bedding sets the tone for the entire
bedroom so make it just how you like it.
This ensemble would make it more fun for me
 to make the bed every morning!

A few ideas I've learned along the way when redesigning a bedroom...

- Symmetry really matters.  For a relaxing, calming, and peaceful feeling, you'll find it best to keep it simple and balanced.  For example, one way to give it a soothing look is to have matching lamps that are the same height on either nightstand.  Your nightstands should be as close to the same height as you can get to allow your eye to feel the ease of balance when in your room.  Same goes for artwork, mirrors, and the rest of the furniture.  

- Learn to edit.  Your bedroom should not be where you have loads of busy going on.  Don't pay your bills or have a computer staring at you while you are in bed!  You'll find the stress will lift from your body the minute you keep your room organized and free of clutter.  (this is of course, in a perfect world!)

- When it comes to color, use hues or shades of the same for balance and a consistent look.  If your favorite color is red, go for it!  Not everyone wants a light and airy look in their bedroom.  When working with your favorite color, just be aware that keeping the shades within close range will only help make your room relaxing and become a favorite in the house!

- Ask yourself what exactly you need in your room to make it work well for you.  Consider form and function when decorating.  Do you need extra drawers or do you prefer cupboards for storing?  Hiding the things you need in your room might be a good idea if you love reading books in bed but don't want to look at the clutter.  

- Where to start?  When it comes to the master bedroom, it usually starts with the bedding!  That becomes your color palette for the floors, walls, trim, and upholstery.  Your bed is the largest piece in the room so that should take priority.  Upholstered headboards are a great addition to any master bedroom.  The fabric for the headboard should be determined by the bedding once again...make it easier on yourself by finding the right bedding and build from there!  



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