Winter Blues

Thursday, August 18, 2011

AH Birthdays...

Birthdays are a celebration.  Some celebrations are bigger than others, depending on your mood.  Turning 37 has been fun so far!

Oh yes...I do love me some birthday cake!

Stayed in my fuzzy slippers all day at home and...

caught up on favorite magazines!

Sat down & wrote some notes
that were long overdue.  One pen
pal is a dear friend in San Francisco.
We exchange notes once a week
when we are good!

I like the idea of just one big birthday candle!

So far, my birthday has been wonderful!  Stayed home with my little son and relaxed.  Dinner out with hubby John tonight.  Thank you to the birthday fairies who left sweet gifts on my doorstep.  Ah...I do love birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday, Whitney!! Your blog is such a delight. You make me remember why I love decorating!

  2. Happy birthday! I turned 38 in June and a fun time was had celebrating (if you're going to be a year older, celebrate at the beach - makes getting older a little more tolerable!)

  3. Thank You ladies and happy belated birthday to you! a beach birthday sounds perfect! Great idea-- a must for next year! Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Birthday Whitney! I remember turning 37, it's actually a fun year so live it up girl. Enjoy reading your blog and design ideas.