Winter Blues

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look Who's 5 years old...

Our shop in Bend is five years old!  This spring we wanted to kick things off with a shop filled with great new pieces.  The problem with our Bend shop is it's small so when new furniture, lamps, accessories, and pictures all come in at looks like a tornado hit the joint!  I snapped some photos of all the new and pretty spring merchandise before we set it up and then everything finding it's place- like a puzzle that needs finishing!

Day 1 - Unpack all the new stuff!

Fresh new paint to spring things up.

Fun new things but where to put it?

Not a very glamorous job but it's fun..making beds!

28 new lamps that need to find a home...

By lunchtime I was wanting to have a double latte
 and a cuppa yo to jump start my decorating!

Oh dear...what was I thinking?  It's going to take more than a day...

Thank goodness for coffee, furniture glides, hammers, and fun new stuff to make a girl work fast and hard!  We had to get the shop ready for our 5th Anniversary party and with little sleep and pretty new pieces to make it fun to set up...

Breakfast nook table with an english flair!

Our new Upholstery Line edman&co- fun fabrics and styles.

Layers of books, pillows, candles, & accessories for spring- cute!

Leather, Stickley, and more rustic things fit in with Bend homes beautifully.

A little transitional style anyone?
James Dean makes any space handsome!

This last summer my sisters and I went to London
and found a wonderful line of dishware called
Emma Bridgewater. 
Now available in London & Bend, Oregon!

Emma Bridgewater is known for their floral collection. 
We saw this teapot at Harrod's in London.
 Would you like a spot of tea?

Great Mother's Day gift...BEST MUM!

Crumbs & crumbs plate, fresh milk, porridge bowls,
and breakfast pitcher.  How lovely!

Express yourself with these typewriter letters.
Fun way to spell things out!  Literally!
Books on keeping everything clean & sparkling!

Calendars, stationery, and candles.  Great gift ideas.

Nest on into this comfy chair with birds & butterflies.

Fun for parties- charms for your wine glasses or to wear! 
Lots of pretty styles and colors.  Great hostess gift idea!

New Pine Cone Hill bedding on a Baker Milling Road Bed!  Yummy!

This custom artwork is great for family names
or your favorite place.  You pick a dozen names or
places and we can create a keepsake for you!

Sweet for spring- notepads, cards, candles,
& trays.  Oh my!

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1020 NW Wall Street.  Downtown Bend, Oregon!

Cheers to customers, family, and furniture!  We painted the shop red to give it a fresh new look after five years.  A little mini facelift?  Something like that!  Stop by anytime and see what's new!  Filled with fresh ideas for spring and loaded with stylish fashions for the home.  Shop Here!


  1. As always I love to read your blog :)
    I love your style!!
    Jessica J

  2. I love decorating but this looks exhausting! Great job! It looks beautiful!

  3. Love your Bend shop and as a customer I can say it's the prettiest boutique in Oregon! Congratulations on five years! You go girl!

  4. Thank you all! Spring is always a great time to freshen things up at both stores and you'll love seeing the new merchandise.

    Thanks for your messages and keep blogging with us!


  5. Beautiful!! When are you opening up Edman's Madison shop? :)

  6. Oh Amanda! You know we have strong roots in the midwest, both sets of Grandparents are from your area!

    For right now, keep shopping with us online- I know you'll be in Oregon soon!

    Thanks for your message!


  7. You Edman girls are something else. Your Bend store is DARLING! (Eugene too, but you knew that....) Beautiful, inspiring post!