Winter Blues

Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the nominees are...

Here's your ticket to our very own red carpet event!

Best Picture- Trevor James Original

Best Newcomer

Best use of trim

Best Supporting Chair

Best Brownie Recipe in the making...

Best little Salt n' Pepper Shaker!

Best Set Design

Best Original Screenplay

Best Animated Animal Feature

Best Actor

Instead of red carpet, maybe the Oscars should add a stripe or plaid!

Best Pillow Design

Best supportive husband in a romantic comedy

Best Original Set

Best Director!  My Dad Babe

Best Hair & Make-Up-

Best of Friends!


  1. Wow, the line up is rather impressive ~ love the photos!


  2. I love the Oscars! We'll be watching Sunday night- your store is a winner for sure! Love your blog too.

  3. Oscar night is always fun to see what everyone is wearing. My favorite part of the evening is the red carpet but I think they should make it a plaid or stripe!

  4. Thanks Jo and Ladies! The Oscars are always fun to watch and see the best movies for the year. Now it's time to go see some of them, who's with me?

  5. Oh you are so creative! This was fun...