Winter Blues

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Gift Beyond Measure...

This Christmas, my sister Beth made a special gift for my two year old.    

A homemade growth chart that looks like a vintage tape measure!

Oh--this is where the happy tears come in!

Reminds me of the pocket door jam at my Grandparents house. It had a million marks documenting our growth throughout the years.

Laminated for longevity & great for a laundry room, kids room, etc.

A note to Charlie written on the back.

My sweet sister Beth- so creative and thoughtful!  We love our Auntie Beth!


  1. What a fabulous gift! This certainly more clever than marking the backside of a door :) You and your sister are very creative.


  2. Thanks for your message Jo! My sister Beth loves to make things by hand...I however love to buy things and carry them out of a shop with my hands! :) Have a Happy New Year and stop back in sometime!

  3. That is a great idea! So cute and what a special gift for your son and your entire family. I want to make or buy that? How can I? Will your sister make more of did she break the mold after yours? She should share her secret.

  4. I want to have a craft day with Beth! :) Love that gift for Char Char. Merry Christmas!

  5. Absolutely amazing!! Way to go Beth!! That is something that will make it's way through the family over the years!

  6. This is a must get/make! Can I buy one from your sister? What a sweet idea!

  7. I have painted many growth charts - trees, vines, like the one that Jack-n-the Beanstalk has climbed - used as growth charts.
    Love the vintage look of this one and surely will be treasured for years to come. Happy Holidays - Happy New Year to you!

  8. Thank you for your messages and I bet a painted growth chart with Jack-n-the Beanstalk would be fabulous! Love that idea!!!

    Beth has been asked to make some more, so I'll let you know if they become available!

    Happy New Year Everyone! Come visit us again!