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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not London's our London Blog!

LONDON 2010-

Shopkeepers will tell you it's not easy to take time off from work. For we three sisters, it's like building Big Ben to take a vacation together. But then we received a wedding invitation from our cousin Demetri, who has been living in London for 14 years. Several of our extended family members were going to make the trip and we wanted to celebrate this blessed event with everyone. Plus, we'd get to do some shopping too! Our wonderful team at our shops told us to go and enjoy. Thanks to all of we go to jolly 'Ol London!

London is fantastic! But if you are trying to cross the street, be careful
and look BOTH ways to be safe! I learned that one the hard way!!!

It's like petting a cat backwards...
it's just strange & doesn't seem right

Cousin Demetri and his lovely bride, Fionuala on their wedding day!
They were the reason for our trip to London and my sisters and I
were so happy to witness such a wonderful wedding & reception-
Londoners know how to celebrate!

Typical Street in London. No SUV's here...wouldn't fit!

In a random little alley way, look in the background...
my sister Ann and I loved spotting this chandelier-
so stylish in a small space! Great look to dress up all that old brick!

In the middle of the street was this chair sitting pretty waiting
to be loaded into a truck for delivery.

When in must go to Pimlico Road. The most charming interior
design shops in the area and this is where the locals buy.
Not crammed with tourists (like us!) and reeked of British style and class.

The shop is called HOWE.
They take the British flag and upholster it on a side chair.
A signature look for this well known designer.

An old chair just hanging around the shop.

Cousin Courtney relaxing at Harrod's on this
cute hearts-all-around chair. Loved it!

Our friend Christy Cricow told us when in London you must have high tea at the Orangery near Kennsington Palace. We all LOVED it and couldn't get over the delicious desserts! Cheers to you Christy, thank you! (with my pinkie high in the air!)

At the Orangery-love their stylish way of serving.
It's like a tea party everyday!

Sandwiches, scones, and a little meringue--I was is High Tea Heaven!

The Gardens at Kennsington Palace- ready for a nap after the treats

Sister Beth & cousin Molly pulled out their sunglasses when they discovered they
both bought the same pair at the airport. Designer brand? Doubt it...they couldn't get the upper corner label off that read, 'polarized'. They look cute, don't they?

Notting Hill townhouses. Where pastels work!

Niece Lindsey went to Cambridge for summer classes.
I could say that I went to Cambridge this summer too...
but it was for a beer and fish-n-chips!

Our new friend, guarding the gates at Buckingham Palace

my backyard...just kidding.
The gardens in Hyde Park.

Niece Lindsey & I went to see Billy Elliot! Such a great show!
It was windy that night and hot...
my hair & my feet were hurting in this pic.

Mailing the Queen back to Oregon- she'd love it here!

A special trip for us all! Do you have a favorite trip or place that you love? Would love to hear from you and get ideas to where we gals should go next!


  1. I have a friend who just moved there and I hope to go visit!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. L-O-V-E the photos!!! Happy you made it to the feels like another world in there, doesn't it? Glad all the Edman girls had such a great trip!!

  3. Thank You ladies! It was splendid and so much history, style, and class. I hope you go visit's so worth it! Think of the places you could paint...the cobblestone alone is enough to make you melt!

  4. What great pictures of London! I so badly want to visit Europe- now you make me want to add London to the trip. Thanks for sharing.